About Health Psychology


Health Psychology is a multi-disciplinary mind/body clinic. A wide range of services are provided at the clinic, which specializes in alternative and complementary mental health and other healthcare services to the community.

Health Psychology includes a wide-ranging network of physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals who refer patients and who also act as consultants for the clinic’s activities.

Specialty programs at the clinic include an outpatient pain and rehabilitation program, headache therapy, hypertension, anxiety-related disorders, depression and other medically and psychophysiologically related disorders.

In 1990, Dr. Williams introduced a psychoneurological assessment and neurofeedback program (formerly called EEG biofeedback or “brainwave” training) which the staff is now utilizing in the treatment of attention deficit disorders, alcohol and substance abuse, closed head injuries, and seizure disorders.

Since the 1970’s, Dr. Williams has been working in the area of mind/body health. Among his accomplishments are having conceived and founded the Specialty Program in Holistic Healthcare at Western Michigan University.

He was also the Founder and Director of the Institute for Holistic Medicine at Borgess Medical Center, Founder and First President of the Michigan Biofeedback Society, and Founder and Director of Health Psychology and A.D.D. Institute in Kalamazoo.

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